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No More Chasing Owners For Property Information!

The World of Real Estate Has Changed! Buyers expect information when they want it and they want it instantly! The Direct Marketing Association did a Gallup Poll and found that 83% of the American public would prefer to call for recorded information on a house before talking to an owner. That means 4 out of 5 people in your market would prefer a Talking FSBO House for Hassle Free Pre-Recorded Information, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week!

Which One Do You Think
Will Get More Attention & Sell Faster?

This One... House For Sale!                   Or This One.... House For Sale!
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A Talking FSBO House,  Everytime!

With a Talking FSBO House buyers will no longer get a Busy Signal or an Answering Machine or No Answer at all. The potential buyer will get the information that they want & need, RIGHT NOW - INSTANTLY, when they want it the most, when they are driving around looking at homes for sale. Which house do you think will have a better chance of selling faster for more money? The house that they can't get information on or a Talking FSBO House? Of course, the answer is the Talking FSBO House, where buyers receive Hassle Free Pre-Recorded Property Information Instantly, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week.

According to the Newspaper Association of America, The #1 Source of Information for Home Buyers Comes From Driving Around!

Imagine how quickly your home would sell, if you as a "For Sale By Owner" was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, standing in front of your property, talking with every prospect that stops by! Your home would sure stand out from all the rest. That's exactly what it's like with a Talking FSBO House! Your home sells itself to every prospective buyer that drives by. Prospects stop and can hear all the features that make your property special including financing options by calling the toll-free information hotline. Your home stands out in a crowded marketplace, so it Sells Faster, for Top Dollar! Top agents all across North America now use this edge. More than 1 million properties have SOLD thanks to the Talking FSBO House concept.

Lost Opportunities For Seller:   Hundreds of prospects will drive by your property every week, but never reach anyone to get the information that they want right then. By making your home a Talking FSBO House, there are no more lost opportunities to tell about your properties features because the flyer box is empty, or no one was available to take their call at that particular time. It's works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Paints A Picture In Their Mind:   In print, one might say "Lrg Back Yard." But as a Talking FSBO House, it can say "you must experience the beauty and spaciousness of the big backyard for all your family get togethers and your kids' activities. It provides a secluded place for your family to get away and relax. The view from the garden looks over the daily sunsets over the lake and hills. You must see it to believe!" The buyer would never know this feature from the front of the house.

Better Than Expensive Newspaper Ads:   Having a Talking FSBO House is much more effective than an occasional newspaper ad about your house because it works Continuously, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Weeks and not just on Sundays.

Reach Buyers Right Now, When They Really Want The Information:   When prospects are out driving around neighborhoods and they see a house that they would like to live in, THAT is the time to get them interested in your house. Any delay can only hurt your chances for a fast sale at top dollar. This is not the time for a busy signal or worst yet - an answering machine! The prospect will just hang up and look for other houses.

Word of Mouth From Your Neighbors:   People who stop and listen to your property will tell others about it, because of the informative message that they heard. It's fun to listen in, and people talk about it. The easy to remember name saids it all, it's a Talking FSBO House.

Weeds Out Nosey Lookers & Bored Tire Kickers:   A Talking FSBO House will eliminate the few unqualified lookers. That allows focusing on the prospects who really may buy your property.

Not Intimidating In The Least:   Experience shows that when buyers don't have to dodge an owner or agents, many more of them will call for information. If it is a Talking FSBO House they are given hassle free pre-recorded property information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vital Information To Agents: Real Estate Professionals driving through the neighborhood can be alerted to your property. They will get a better feel of the property from a Talking FSBO House than from even the MLS listing. Out of the 100's of properties they learn about each week, your property will stick in their minds. That will lead to a Faster Sale! If you decide to go the agent route, you would still save at least half of the commission, by only paying the Buyer's Agent a commission!

Frustrated Buyers That Just Plain Give Up:   House hunting can be time consuming and frustrating. By making it easy to learn about your property, your home will get more attention, and sell faster for Top Dollar. A Talking FSBO House produces results!

Buyers Misjudge From The Front:   Most prospects misjudge a property from out front. If they guess wrong about your property, and don't get instant information, your property may just sit. If they listen in to your Talking FSBO House and hear your properties best features, they may well find it's just what they are looking for.

Value Added Client Service:   Most homes for sale provide the same services; sign in the front yard, maybe having your house in the MLS, various ads for your house and maybe even having Open Houses. Of course, you might want all of that but as a big added bonus, make your home a Talking FSBO House at no extra charge. It would be a shame to settle for less service, when extra service doesn't cost anything extra!

The Bottom Line Is:
Having A Talking FSBO House Works!

It's the Ultimate FSBO Property Selling Tool.
No-Cost Ever For The Seller or Buyer!

"Being a Talking FSBO House is great news for everyone involved. Experience shows that when buyers don't have to dodge a "For Sale By Owner" or a Sales Agent, many more of them will call for information on your house. When you're selling, that's really good news for you because your property receives exposure to many more prospective buyers who love the Talking FSBO House, Hassle Free Pre-Recorded Property Information, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week."

"Be sure to ask us about this free service, just contact your local Talking FSBO House Representative. We hope that you enjoy your visit here today at Talking FSBO House and that the free no-obligation information is very useful to your particular needs!"
  -  Dennis K. Thomas (Dr. Fisbo), Founder of Talking FSBO House  -

Talking FSBO House
So...   How Does It Really Work?

A Talking FSBO House is an automated information hotline that provides property information to interested prospects by phone, automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Top agents all across North America now use this edge. More than 1 million properties have SOLD thanks to the Talking FSBO House concept.

Potential Buyers call the Toll-Free Number on your For Sale By Owner Sign and then enter the assigned extension for information on your property. They then get complete details of your property instantly on the spot. Imagine - no more counting on others to take accurate messages, getting interupted during meals, showers, etc. or hoping hot prospects will call back if you are not home!

Just in case you're not aware, you should know that people are up to 3 times more likely to call a toll-free number than a regular number.

But even more importantly, prospects are more willing to call an information hotline, because they know they can get information without having to speak with anyone! One of the biggest reasons people hesitate to call on signs and ads is because they don't want to be subjected to a sales pitch. So in addition to all of the other benefits, you are going to get a higher volume of calls as a Talking FSBO House.

A fax can also be requested and sent instantly so that your prospects can both "hear" and "see" what you have to offer, no more worrying about an empty information box in front of your property.

It's easy to turn your FSBO Sign into a SOLD Sign when you make it a Talking FSBO House!


Benefits To You - The "For Sale By Owner"

  • Make your house Stand Out in your neighborhood
  • Creates as much as 10 Times More Attention than a regular FSBO
  • Buyers get Instant Property Information
  • Eliminates no answer phone calls or busy signals for buyers at a time when they want the information the most - NOW!
  • Draws in Qualified Prospects
  • Eliminates Non-Buyers who waste YOUR Valuable Time
  • Easier Sale at Top Dollar in the Shortest Amount of Time
  • Receive the Exposure that your property Needs & Deserves
  • You can even use the Toll-Free Number in your advertising for a GREATER RESPONSE
  • Never ever any cost for the For Sale By Owner
  • Yes, It's FREE!

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